Chapter 1: Jazzfinger Club


Step in, my dear Fae, for a night of Delightful Decadence. Show us your horns and beaks! Shake out your fur and let the hooves hit the floor, for tonight Little Big Band and Associated Clunkers will be pumping out some Brutally Bubbling Jazz all night long and Distilled Magic will be served chilled at the bar. The Fabulously Glamorously Sparkling Miss Sandra Valiant invites all of you to a unique chance to expose your inner Fae for the sssssSpotlight and the Public's Prattling Applause! So swag your tails and shout with me: FAE FOREVER! 

Sign-ups open: 3.11.2018
Sign-ups close: 25.11.2018
Workshop: 19.1.2019
Place for the workshop: Doo-Bop Club, Vasa
The Larp: 19.1.2019
Location: Doo-Bop Club, Vasa

The ruler of the House of Order, Xandravalya, even know as Miss Sandra Valiant, has invited all of the fae-creatures in the area, to her nightclub in Vasa. Jazz music, drinks, politics and social interplay is a given, all mixed up with a dash of magic.

The larp centers on the fae-creatures longing to return to their homeworld; Fae, and the struggle to keep their magical nature, and therefore also themselves, alive. It is exhausting to live in a reality without magic and to realize that your very nature is slowly eroding. As a result of this involuntary exile, the fae are becoming more and more human with each day that passes. The most fundamental question for the larp is: What is future for my creature and what is the future of Fae? Shall we continue to live in exile or is it time to make a desperate attempt at reclaiming our homeworld from the chaotic corruption which has spread and made our home uninhabitable?

In this chapter we plunge into what it means to be a fae-creature. The fae are magical creatures with strong personalities. They have fewer feelings, but experience and express them to the fullest extent. They have a hard time understanding others emotions or the for instance the logic of humans. As a result of their exiled life in the humans world, the faes magic is slowly fading and so too is their nature slowly changing and becoming more and more human.

During the workshop before the larp, we will discuss what it means to be a fae-creature and the rules for the game, as well as how to make deals with each other. We want to create a game where favours and debts are the main way of doing business and negotiating.

The larp is a 1920’s inspired game in a noirestyle with social interplay, intrigue and mysteries as well as political conflicts and philosophical questions.


Witness: The Good Night Chronicles is the second larp-series in a supernatural, parallel universe. The story has been created by Victor Svarvars and Calle Tengman, who have been inspired by White Wolf Entertainment’s – World of Darkness. The story is a continuation of events which were played out during 2009-2010 and takes place in real time.

The series consists of several larp-chapters and are arranged during 2019 i Ostrobothnia, Finland. The series is arranged by Finlands Svenska Rollspelsförening Eloria rf.

Genre: Supernatural, horror, modern, pervasive, mood.

Rules: During the larp we will apply Elorias allmänna lajvregler with some possible exceptions. These exceptions will be noted before each larp, as needed.

Arms: Latex weapons and toy weapons will be used. All arms and weapons must be approved the games organisers prior to the larp and their use.

Clothing and makeup: Clothing and makeup must be done in accordance to the character you are portraying. Modern clothing is suitable for all characters. Since each larp-chapter will be played during different times of the year, you should choose fitting clothes for the circumstances of each larp.

The games organisers will provide a basic set of makeup for each larp-chapter. Any form of special or effects makeup is up to each participant to take charge of. If you have any questions about clothing or makeup, please be in contact with the organisers.

Food: The participants are responsible for any food related costs during the larp. The game organisers will announce in advance when any lunch/dinner breaks will be held.


Price for members:

25 € per larp-chapter

Price for non-members

30 € per larp-chapter

Foreign participants with possible questions regarding payment should be in contact with  the organisers (

The larps are non-profit based, which mean that all participation fees will be used to cover any expenses for the larp.


Account number: FI05 5670 0820 1902 86
Recipient: Eloria rf
Number reference:16010

The last day to pay for participating in the larp is 2.12.2018 (one week after the sign-ups have closed). If the participation fee is paid from different account then that of the participant, or if it is made for several people, no number reference is used. The participants name, or name and the name of the larp be used in messagebox. This information is crucial to make sure that the fee will be noted correctly.

If the payment is not done within the timeframe, the sign-up of the participant will no longer be viewed as valid and you have to sign-up again. This can be done by being in direct contact with the games organisers.


Chapter 1 - Jazzfinger Club: 2.12.2018


Taken characters are marked in red. A first come, first serve-principal is applied.

It is allowed to make suggestions or addendums to the list or to change the type of fae creature.

New characters (fae):

+ Chimera
+ Mare
+ The essence of Jazz
+ Pixie
+ Satyr (halvbold)
+ Faun

Characters from previous larps

Below you will find a list of characters which survived the first larp series in 2009-2010. These characters can only be played by the players who portrayed them in the first series. Participants can choose an old character as a b-character for a larp, if opportunity is given.

Previous fae characters:

Previous vampire characters:

Previous werewolf characters:

Previous witnesses:


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