Chapter 2: Rötter - Roots

The werewolf lifted its head towards the moonlight night and tried to catch a scent of its prey. The signs given by the Oracle had predicted a good hunt, but you never knew. The forest was still and silent. Suddenly a howl was heard. It was an unfamiliar voice, but the message was clear. It was a call. A summons.

Such a summons had not been heard in these forests for many years. She picked up familiar scents and hope reawakened within her. Maybe the pack wasn’t completely lost to the drug, the big city and the tyrannical Alpha which had lingered over the werewolves in the area like an evil spirit.

The call was heard and this time she lifted her head towards the moon. The moonlight made the rage within her rise up towards the surface, but with some effort she fought back the beast and let out an answering howl. Then she ran, with a speed and purpose she hadn’t had in a long time. It was almost like hunting in a pack again.

In a clearing by a large tree she caught the sight of many shapes. A wave of smells and feelings rushed over her with a breathtaking force. Excitement, curiosity, aggression, sweat  and expectations, mingled with something stronger; a purpose. The clearing reflected the Mothers touch and nowhere was it as clear as by the old spruce. The trunk was painted with runes and the colour had run down towards the deep roots of the tree.

Maybe there was still hope...


The larp is about a return to the primal nature of werewolves, in which you explore the basic instincts: fear, rage, lust and the need to dominate. It is about the werewolves mentality, the pack and their mysticism. We are striving to create a common larp-experience where you can explore these aspects and consent to these basic feelings.

The larp will have a predestined set of events which will give space for the characters to make choices and the players to steer the packs progression. The events will be as follows: 1) a conflict within the pack, 2) a trial in the form of a short hike where the packs connection and community will be moulded and preparations for a ritual will be done, 3) a ritual in which the whole pack participates in order to reconnect to their roots. The ritual is what the larp will be building towards and will be the end of the larp. These parts will be prepared carefully during a mandatory workshop.

Our vision with the larp is to create a journey, both spiritually and physically, where you explore the meaning of being a werewolf and how you find your way pack to a functioning pack after a long substance abuse and a tyrannical leadership.

In order to have a meaningful larp-experience it is worth being active in the development of the pack and the events which will take place and to play on status depending on the role you portray. Relationships are important, so it is worthwhile to create both good and bad relationships with people within in the pack. In order to have a good game experience for others it is worth portraying all aspects of your character and also finding the joy of doing it. 


The game masters expect the following things of you who want to participate:

As a player you can expect the following:


Witness II: Roots (Rötter) is arranged by Eloria rf. Witness II: Roots will be in arranged two round. The first round will be played in swedish and the second round in english. This is mainly to give non-swedish players a chance to participate in the larp.  

The larp: 10.8.2019 (SWE) and 24.8.2019 (ENG)
Place for the larp: Mårdersör, Oravais
Age limit: 15
Larp duration: 6–8 hours + preparations and debrief
Estimated start/end time for the larp: 15.00–22.00
Arrival time to the larp: 10:00-12:00

Price: 20€ for members of Eloria / 25€ for non-members. You will find payment information here.

Place for the mandatory workshops: Kimo UF
Dates for the mandatory workshops: 3.8.2019 (ENG) och 4.8.2019 (SWE)
Workshop time: 10.00-18.00

Minimi participants: 8 people
Maximum participant: 15 people

Signups open: 1.7.2019. 12.00. Sign up here.
Signups closes: 21.7.2019, 23.59

Game masters: Calle Tengman & Victor Svarvars


The workshop for the larp is mandatory to participate in. Transport to and from the place of the workshop can’t be done with public transport. The game masters are offering a ride for those who don’t have a car to and from the workshop. This can be negotiated separately with the game masters. During the workshop the participants will take part in exercises and discussions about werewolves pack mentality, rituals and a step-by-step walkthrough of the larp. The aim of the workshop is the to give a more indepth and specific experience for the larp and to create an understanding of the different phases of the larp. The workshop contains the following parts:

Place for the mandatory workshops: Kimo UF
Dates for the mandatory workshops: 3.8.2019 (ENG) och 4.8.2019 (SWE)
Workshop time: 10.00-18.00


When you sign up to the larp you have a chance to choose a new or and previous character. For Chapter 2: Roots you can only play a werewolf. If you have a werewolfcharacter who survived the first Witness-series, you can portray it again. Please notify the game masters about this when you sign up. You can also inform us if you are interested in playing a NPC (non-player character), which would mean that you during the game would play one or several characters who come into the story with a purpose.

For Chapter 2: Roots, the game organizers will completely write you character and send it to you after you have signed up. The character will not be very extensive, since the pack and the common experience is more important than the individual character.

If you are playing character from a previous larp in the Witness-world, the game organizers will update your character accordingly.


Taken characters are marked with red. First come first serve-principle applies.

Male Alpha - Wilk Strazny (current alpha) (NPC)
The current tyrannical leader of the pack.

Female Alpha
Concept: Amazon.
A strongwilled and dominant female alpha who is also a strong maternal figure for the pack. Female character.
"When you're struck down get right back up and go on."

Concept: The mentor.
Is the spiritual leader of the pack. Is the one sho reads signs, has contact with spirits and leads rituals.
A significant character for the larp.
"Doing is more important than the outcome."

Oracle’s apprentice
Concept: The child.
A young and curious individual who loves adventure and sees possibilities everywhere. Is meant to grow and learn what it means to be an oracle.
"Be stubborn about goals and flexible about your methods"

Wolf 1
Concept: The warrior.
Works constantly for the packs safety and reacts strongly to outside threats. Is loyal and dutybound. "To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life."

Wolf 2
Concept: The critic.
Take the safe path. Wants to find strenght but is unsure and inexperienced. Has doubts about the future.
"There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it is all the same day."

Wolf 3
Concept: The mediator.
Is a diplomat and tolerant individual who is content with the packs current existense. Sees benefits with both the man and the wolf.
"The best diplomacy starts with getting to know each other.”

Wolf 4
Concept: The idiot.
Helpful, gullible and open about possible intentions. Is a follower who obeys and gives space to others.
"Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Wolf 5
Concept: The beast.
Is selfish and moody. Easily lets loose the beast and has a hate for humans.
"Power is not given to you. You have to take it."

Wolf 6
Concept: The challanger.
Hates stagnation. Is restless and passionate and needs to question decissions and authority. "Never be complacent with the status quo."

Wolf 7
Concept: The bard.
The one who tells jokes, tells stories and remenices about times past. Balances humor with seriousness.
“Entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained”

Concept: The observer.
Is a philosofer and watcher. Is lowest in status due to some kind of deformity.
"Giving up does not mean that you are weak."

Pup 1
Concept: Bad boy/girl.
Likes to show off and doesn't care what others think. Seeks affiliation.
"I am tough, I am ambitious and I know what I want."

Pup 2
Concept: The dreamer.
An idealist who cares about doing the right thing. Wants to be seen as a good and forthright person.
"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

Pup 3
Concept: The doer.
Lives in the present and sees action as more important than words or knowledge.
“There are those who do and those who claim to do.”

Concept: The survivor.
An independant and clever individual. Is trying to find a way back to the pack.
"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering"

2 witnesses
Werewolf spirit

Old characters

Below is a list of old characters who survived the larp series in 2009-2010. The purpose is to tie into what has been and create a continuation. These old characters can only be played by the same player who portrayed them back then. Players can also choose to portray and old character as a possible secondary character, if the opportunity arises.   

Old werewolf characters: