Chapter 3: The Last Drop

The creature that was hunting them had only had one purpose: to destroy all vampires. Where it had come from and what it was, could only be guessed.

All the Fae had disappeared from Vaasa and Jazzfinger Club was in ruins. Rumors about the werewolves managing to escape their slaveshakels of the Witnesses was also circulating. It seems as if the Witnesses ironhold of Ostrobothnia was finally veining. Oh how wrong one could be.  The Witnesses wrath was insatiable and was now aimed with renewed force towards the remaining vampires. In the blink of an eye no place was longer safe and the vampires had to flee for their lives. One by one they were found and turned into ash. Now there is only a handful of vampires and ghouls left which have managed to stay hidden and alive, for now. 

As their desperation mounted, hope at a chance for salvation was rekindled. Whispers about and ancient document with a key to the liberation of the blood shackles started circulating. Some hope to create an alliance with the werewolves of the fae, but neither have been sighted for months. Others speak of a solution through force against the Witnesses and either kill them or be killed in the process. But one thing has become clear, there is a traitor amongst them, but who?

The creature that is hunting them is getting closer and soon there will be nowhere left to run. Hope is at its end. It is time to make some quick decision if they want to survive the night, which might be their last. The question remains: how far are you willing to go to survive? 

The larp is about the vampires struggle to survive and their attempts at finding solutions to various problems that will arise during the larp. We are striving to create a mutual larp-experience where vampires and their cohorts need to solve conflicts and puzzles as they flee from the constant threat of annihilation. 

The larp has a predetermined set of places where the larp will take place, which also will give the players a chance to make character choices and social play which will impact how the larp will play out. The ending is very open based on players choices and it will lead to alternative endings. The larp will be played out on three different places and will transition from place A to B and finally to place C. This means that a part of the larps time will be played out in cars and smaller groups. The game time within the cars can either be IN-game of OFF-game depending on what the players wish to do and are in need of. 

Our vision with the larp is to create a mixture of survival, intrigue and problem solving in intense situations which will challenge the players and the characters creative thinking and social interaction while at the same time exploring the nature of a vampire and how a unnatural long life shapes one's way of thinking. At the same time the larp is about finding a solution to the oppression and the threat of extermination that the vampires are facing before it is too late and the final death takes you. 

In order to have a meaningful larp-experience it is worth being active in the social play which the characters offer and the events which the larp provides. By creating a game where status is important and offering thoughts and solutions will provide the game with new situations to arise. Relationships are important, so it is worthwhile to create both good and bad relationships with people within in the pack. In order to have a good game experience for others it is worth portraying all aspects of your character and also finding the joy of doing it.


Witness II: The Last Drop is arranged by Eloria rf.

The larp: 15.2.2020
Places for the larp: Will be informed about later. It will be held in the general area in and around Vaasa.
Age restriction: 15
Larp duration: 6–8 hours + prep time and debrief
Estimates start/end time for the larp: 15:00–22:00
Arrival to the starting point of the larp: 12:00-13.00

Price: 20€ for members of Eloria / 25€ for non-members. You will find payment information here.

Transportation during the larp: A part of the larps time will be desginated to moving from one larp area to the next by car. This will mean that a part of the larp will be played in smaller groups. If you as a participant have access to a car and are willing to use it during the larp, please notify the game masters about it as you sign up for the larp. As a monetary compensation you will receive 0,20€ for every kilometer driven during the larp. 

Food: During the larp there wont be any food served, so it is up to each player to take responsibility for eating something during the larp in order to keep your energy up. The game organizers will only provide the players with eadible fake blood.

Place for the voluntary workshop: TaiKonin tilat, Kasarmi 11, Itäinen Kasarmintori 7-9, 65100 Vaasa
Date for the voluntary workshop: 8.2.2020
Workshop time: 10.00-18.00

Minimi participants: 12 people
Maximum participant: 20 people

Signups open: 3.1.2020. 12.00. Sign up here.
Signups closes: 19.1.2020, 23.59

Game masters: Calle Tengman & Victor Svarvars


When you sign up for the larp you have a chance of choosing a new or and previously played character. For Chapter 3: The Last Drop you will be able to play a vampire, a servant or an NPC. If you have a character that survived the first Witness-campaign, you can now play that character again. Please write it down when you sign up for the larp. You can also choose to play an NPC (non-player character), which means that during the  chapter you will play one or several characters with a specific purpose. 

For Chapter 3: The Last Drop the games organizers will mostly write your character and it will be sent to you after you have signed up. The character will be a bit more extensive due to possible intrigues and personality. The players can make requests about what the character will contain and how it will be written. 

If you play a previously existing character, it will be updated as needed for this chapter. 


To the larp you can choose to sign up as one of the following types of characters:

If you have any requests about what kind of character you wish to play, please make notes about it when you sign up to the larp. 

Old characters

Below is a list of old characters who survived the larp series in 2009-2010. The purpose is to tie into what has been and create a continuation. These old characters can only be played by the same player who portrayed them back then. Players can also choose to portray and old character as a possible secondary character, if the opportunity arises.

Old vampire characters: